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    Policies and Information

Section 1


Brookhaven Golf Course will be open for business everyday starting on opening day in April through closing day in November. Hours of operation will be determined based on the season and amount of sunlight from sunrise to sunset. From May 1st through September 15th play will commence at 7 am and end at dusk.  Golf Professional and staff will utilize discretion to start play in an appropriate and reasonable manner after inclement weather or Frost Delays. At such times that golf cannot be played, as determined by the golf professional, the clubhouse may be open a limited number of hours based on weather conditions.


Season Pass holders may reserve starting times two weeks in advance. General Public may reserve starting times one week in advance. All tee times must be made under the following conditions:

  1. Reserve starting times may be secured by phone, by appearing at the golf course in person, or on-line via the internet.
  2. Anyone booking more than 3 consecutive tee times must speak with pro shop staff.
  3. Parties less than four may be combined to create a foursome.
  4. A phone number or credit card number must be used to secure ones tee time.
  5. Advance reservations may be restricted on days which have been reserved for outings and inter-club tournaments, at the discretion of the golf professional.


  1. Cancellation of tee time must be made at least 6 hours in advance
  2. Cancellations can be made in person, by phone, message on answering machine, or via internet.
  3. If a golfer has reserved a starting time, but the course is subsequently closed at that time, the reservation(s) will be cancelled for the golfer by staff.
  4. Golfers who persistently forfeit reserved starting times or otherwise abuse the reservation system may be refused the privilege of reserving times.
  5. Failure to observe cancellation requirements may result in a $10.00 per person “no-show” fee.


    1. Rain checks redeemable for play at a later date may be issued to any player at the sole discretion of the pro shop staff.  Any fees paid during poor weather conditions will not be granted a rain check.
    2. Conditions contributing to the issuance of a rain check include weather conditions that close the course to further play, illness of the player, or slow play on the course that will not allow completion of play in a reasonable amount of time (six hours maximum).
    3. Rain check values will be computed on a per-hole basis and a credit will be issued for future play. Any questions as to how many holes played will be determined by allowing 14 minutes per hole and crediting the remaining holes.
    4. Cash refunds, instead of rain checks, will not be given. Rain checks may be redeemed for green fees, cart rental, pull cart rental and club rentals ONLY.


  • If injury or accident occurs, an incident report is to be filed immediately at the pro shop.
  • Hazardous and careless use of golf carts is not allowed. Patrons responsible for damages to the golf cart during rental will be responsible to pay for the cost of repairing damages per the golf cart rental agreement.
  • In the event someone is removed from the course for any reason, an incident report must be filed and proper law enforcement must be contacted immediately.
  • Abusive Language, threats and acts of violence will not be tolerated. Anyone who demonstrates this behavior at the golf course, clubhouse, practice areas and parking lots will be removed immediately and authorities contacted.


Food and drink may be purchased from the clubhouse as well as beverage cart operated by clubhouse staff at the golf course.
In accordance with NYS Liquor Authority no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premise. Alcohol can be purchased through Brookhaven ONLY. Patrons showing signs of intoxication will forfeit their fees and will be directed to remove themselves from the property in a safe manner WITHOUT refund of any kind. Any coolers on premise are subject to search. If alcohol is found the offender will be asked to leave the premise, no rain check or refund will be issued.


The golf course is intended for the use of playing the game of golf. The revenues generated from greens fees, cart rentals, and other user fees support the cost of maintaining these facilities. Staff has been instructed to be polite but firm when addressing individuals found on the golf course property that have not paid the appropriate user fees to play golf. In all fairness to those patrons that choose to play golf and pay for these facilities, allowing other uses on the golf course itself would interfere with their enjoyment of their round of golf and create personal liability for them if they were to strike a walker, jogger, bicyclist, or fisherman with a golf ball or golf cart.

Section 2
Policy Governing Play


  1. Golfers are required to use reasonable care for the safety of persons and property reasonably within the range of danger of being struck by the ball. Golfers are solely responsible for property damage and injuries caused by errant golf balls.
  2. Play shall start no earlier than one-half hour before sunrise. General play shall commence only from the first hole. Starting on holes other than #1 will be allowed only after weather delays, during shotgun tournaments, league nights, or on approval of the Brookhaven staff. It is the golf professional’s responsibility to delay start of play during conditions such as fog or lightning that would be unsafe for golfers. When extremely wet conditions or frost are present which may endanger the health of the golf course, the golf professional shall rely on Golf Course Maintenance Supervisor to determine status and timing of the course opening or closure.
  3. Persons arriving with less than three players may lose their starting time, unless they can be placed with additional players.
  4. All golfers with reserved starting times must report at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Those failing to do so may forfeit their reserved time and may be required to wait for the next open time slot.
  5. Every person must pay a green fee to have access to the course. Even spectators and those who want to walk with a player must pay a green fee.
  6. U.S.G.A. rules apply except where modified by local rules
  7. No more than four players are allowed to play together at any time unless allowed by golf professional
  8. Each player must have their own bag and golf clubs.
  9. Slow players must allow faster players to play through.
  10. Children under the age of twelve (12) are not allowed on golf course except as players accompanied by an adult.


  1. Brookhaven Golf Course provides golf carts for patrons to rent. All golf carts shall be stored and maintained in a clean and safe condition in the area provided for that purpose. It is the responsibility of the golf professional to instruct the staff on the proper safety, maintenance and use of the golf carts. The Brookhaven staff will document the maintenance of the golf cart fleet by maintaining a log book.
  2. Golf carts shall be used for playing the game of golf, selling concession goods, or for marshaling of play. Staff shall not permit the use of any golf cart by any person in a manner that does not conform to these policies and procedures.
  3. Players who rent a golf cart will be required to sign a golf cart rental agreement and pay a rental fee. The golf cart rental agreement must be filled out completely with the responsible party’s name and driver’s license ID number. Players must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license to rent or operate a golf cart; however, staff has the right to refuse to rent a golf cart to any person who does not possess a valid driver’s license or who, in the golf professional’s opinion, is likely to damage the cart, the course, or him/herself as is reasonably determined by the golf professional. No more than two golfers will be allowed to use or occupy a golf cart at one time, and golf bags shall be limited to two bags per cart.
  4. If a golf cart is damaged by a patron while the golf cart is leased to that patron, the patron is responsible to pay for all repairs to the golf cart per golf cart agreement. Clubhouse staff will take pictures of the damage and complete an incident report for the files. The patron will be notified of the repair costs and will be billed for said repairs.


Season pass holders shall conform to the same playing policy as general play.
Purchase of a season pass provides the opportunity for golfers to reduce their cost of greens fees and cart rental fees. Purchase of a season pass allows for privileges including advanced reservation capabilities, limited number of guest passes, entry into specific inter- club tournaments and access to designated league play. Season passes are valid for one golfing season. Persons wishing to purchase a single, couple, senior, or junior season pass must be willing to provide address, phone number, and e-mail address. Persons wishing to purchase either a senior or junior season pass must provide verification of age. Registration and payment for season pass must be completed prior to March 1st of each year. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Golfers wishing to purchase a season pass will be required to sign an application acknowledging the following terms and conditions:

Season pass play provides an opportunity for golfers to play frequently at Brookhaven Golf Course for a single season fee. Policy provides 7 different types of season passes; Single, Single w/cart, Couple, Couple w/cart, Senior, Senior w/cart, and Junior. Purchase of a season pass does not guarantee the availability of tee times and is non-refundable or transferable once the season has started. Season passes may be revoked and not refunded if it is deemed that the holder frequently abuses course policies. Season passes are non-refundable & non-transferable.


  • Please see 2023 Season Pass Rate Sheet in the drop down menu under the course heading


Brookhaven Golf Course promotes the game of golf and development of junior golfers. Before a junior receives his/her season pass, the Brookhaven Golf Course rules and etiquette quiz must be completed and corrected. This quiz ensures that the future of the game is knowledgeable on USGA rules and knows how to conduct oneself on the golf course. Also a 10% discount on a junior season pass is eligible to junior golfers who have achieved an overall grade point average of 85 or better. A copy of their most recent report card is mandatory to receive the discount. Junior season passes are limited to the first forty applicants that meet the requirements.  Golfer must be 18 years of age or younger.  (Please See Junior rules and etiquette quiz)
Restrictions on Junior Season Passes

  1. Completion of rules and etiquette quiz
  2. May not play prior to 10 am on weekdays unless accompanied by an adult or authorized by the golf professional
  3. May not play prior to 11 am on weekends unless accompanied by an adult or authorized by the golf professional.


A league shall be defined as a group of golfers who are willing to establish a set time and day of the week to play and guarantee attendance. There will be an individual designated as the league contact person to communicate changes with the pro shop 7 days in advance.


A golf tournament shall be defined as a group of players who have requested that the golf professional reserve a specific number of golfers to a specific time and date.  A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date and times for your outing.  The golf professional will contact the tournament sponsor five days prior to the tournament date to confirm the number of players.  Final payment will be required prior to the start of play.  A minimum of twelve (12) players is required in order to reserve tournament tee times. (Please See Outing Agreement)
Shotgun Tournaments

  1. All players must be completed within a 5 ½ hour time limit.
  2. All players must ride carts
  3. Outing agreement and deposit must be submitted
  4. Payment of tournament is due prior to play
  5. Golf Professional reserves the right to modify tournament to accommodate optimal guests


Complimentary play is defined as the privilege of playing golf granted to an individual without a fee charged for play when such individual qualifies. Complimentary play for Golf Professional staff and Golf Course Maintenance staff is provided to familiarize these employees with course conditions in order to better serve the customer. P.G.A. members are allowed complimentary play as a professional courtesy. All complimentary rounds will be recorded in the POS.


Promotional Rate will be made available at certain times with restrictions and conditions that may vary depending on the promotion. These promotional rates may include the calendar card, golf around card, newspaper coupons, website promotions, etc.

Twilight Rate is a reduced green fee rate conducted during the evening that will vary on times during different parts of the year.

A special rate of $35.00 pp incl. cart will be offered for senior (55+), military (active or retired) and First Responders Mon-Fri excluding holidays. This is a promotional rate and does not apply to discount cards or further senior/military discounts.

Haven Pass is a prepaid number of rounds promotion that discounts the green fees based on the number of rounds purchased.

Nine-hole green fees are permitted on all days. If a player purchasing a nine-hole green fee chooses to play more than nine holes, that player will be charged the difference between the standard 18-hole fee and the 9-hole fee. Haven passes are not valid for league or outing/tournament play.

Seasonal Membership  –  June 25th through August 25th  –  Valid for Weekday or Weekend play.  Seasonal membership can not be used for tournaments or league play


Pace of Play

Golfers are encouraged to play at a good pace. To insure a fun round of golf, please use these speed tips.

  1. If hole is open in front and you are holding up play for a group behind, let the group behind play through or skip the hole and catch up with group ahead
  2. Play ready golf.
  3. Continuous Putting, complete the hole unless you are in someone’s line.
  4. Lost Ball, 3 minute limit searching for lost ball (USGA Rule)
  5. Write down scores on next tee box not while on the green
  6. Place golf bag and cart on the way to next tee
  7. After completing the hole, move immediately to next tee. (no practice putting)
  8. No Mulligans
  9. Be ready when it is your turn

Basic Etiquette

  1. Repair Ball Marks and Divots
  2. Rake sand traps
  3. Wear appropriate golf attire and shoes. (NO BOOTS, METAL SPIKES)
  4. Place trash in garbage cans (don’t litter)
  5. Keep carts on the outside of ropes and away from greens
  6. No foul language or loud voices

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